Inert extinguishing agent (INERGEN®)

A fire extinguishing agent that does not harm the environment, is not toxic, and is made from natural gas (nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide). It has been used extensively throughout the world as a gaseous fire extinguishing agent for more than 16 years, and remains the most widely used halon substitute in the market to date. INERGEN® is absolutely safe for people.

It is incredibly competitive in price and does not take up much space since the cylinders can be kept away from the asset that is being protected. There are currently four types of INERGEN® systems available, depending on the type of fire risk involved in mitigating:

• IG-01: Argon
• IG-100: nitrogen
• IG-55: mixture of argon and nitrogen
• IG-541: mixture of argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide

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