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Fire extinguishing for companies

We design and innovate to manufacture and serve the industrial firefighting sector with a clear intention of being an international benchmark.

Extinguishing agents

The best extinguishing agents in the sector

Detection and extinction for kitchens

Detection and extinction of fires in kitchens


Catalog of our components

We manufacture and test the designs of our clients.

Quality guarantee

Manufacturing and maintenance services for specialists in fire extinguishing systems

Our services as a fire extinguishing manufacturer for companies, range from mass production of prototypes and verification of the correct functioning and sealing of the components of our customers, both at the level of mechanized assemblies and hydraulic conduits, to the system maintenance.

Mechanization Fleximecan

Our machining service is carried out on the basis of our experienced operators with the aim of offering the best quality.

Assembly testing Fleximecan

From Fleximecan we offer you the assembly area for performing pneumatic tests to verify the designs of our customers.

The service we provide to our customers at the top-up level is dedicated to fire suppression, specifically to CO2 extinguishing agents.

Fire extinguishing for companies

The production capacity of Fleximecan and the high quality level of our hydraulic pipes allow us to manufacture the designs of our customers.