From hydraulic pipes to mechanization

Our services range from mass production and verification of the proper functioning and tightness of the components of our customers, both at the level of mechanized assemblies and hydraulic conduits, to the maintenance of the systems.


Our machining service is carried out on the basis of our experienced operators and the versatility of our numerical control machine tools, with quality as our main objective.

The Quality department of our company has a variety of measurement tools that ensure the control of production. In particular, in addition to the typical measuring tools, such as calipers, gauges, depth gauges, micrometers, etc… we also have a 3D measuring system and rugosimeter.

The kind of service we offer is dedicated to the manufacturing of:

  • Short series, prototypes and tools with lathe and conventional strawberry, and
  • Long series with numerical control lathes and machining centers of 5 continuous and horizontal axes of double pallet and high production.

Fleximecan also offers its customers testing the pressure with water up to 800 bar to validate the resistance of the manufactured components.

Assemblies and testing

From Fleximecan we put at your disposal the assembly area of pneumatic assemblies and tests to verify the correct operation of our customers’ designs. Our operators and technicians have the experience and the required means with tools and test benches to perform the tasks that comprise a correct assembly in a clean environment and its subsequent verification with suitable tests in each case, with the aim of ratifying the effectiveness of the machining of assembly and operation of the set.

Fleximecan has developed an internal structure to maintain the traceability of the components used in the manufacturing and assembly lots for the subsequent issuance to our customers of material compliance certificates and pneumatic operation and leaking verification tests.

Refills and retimbrings

The service we provide to our clients when it comes to refills is dedicated to fire extinguishing, specifically using CO2 extinction agents, with low pressure combined with N2, as it is, for example, the HFC227 ea (commercially known as FM200). The procedure of providing fire extinguishers, which is governed according to the Directive 2010/35 / EU on transportable pressure equipment (TPED) and is certified by an accredited entity for this purpose, covers the following actions:

  • Cylinder identification and preparation for the inspection of tests.
  • External visual inspection.
  • Internal visual inspection.
  • Complementary tests.
  • Inspection of the bottle’s neck.
  • Pressure test and subsequent drying.
  • Inspection of the valve.
  • Marking of the cylinder and assembly of the valve, with the probe tube if applicable.
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Hydraulic conduits

Fleximecan‘s production capacity and the high quality level of our hydraulic conduits are combined to give the manufacturing service to the designs of our customers, for both rigid and flexible conduits. The manufacturing range of hydraulic conduits ranges from low pressure, through medium, high, and very high pressure, which can be tested in our hydrostatic test benches with water.

The market for hydraulic conduits

The internal system of our company allows us to mark the hydraulic conduits to maintain the traceability of the components and subsequent issuance of certificates of conformity of materials and hydrostatic resistance and leak tests.

Latest news about the manufacture of hydraulic conduits