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Best fire extinguishing manufacturer

Fleximecan is positioned as a major fire extinguishing manufacturer and has hydraulic solutions for all types of companies. Our great experience allows us to take large projects and manage them in the best way possible for each company.

Fleximecan, fire extinguishing manufacturer for businesses

Fleximecan is a young and familiar company, founded in 2009 but with ample experience and knowledge as a fire extinguishing manufacturer (LPG extinguishing).

Mr. Joaquín Pozo Jiménez, co-founder of the Fire Extinguishing LPG Systems company of great renown in this sector worldwide, he is also the founder of this company, Fleximecan. All this accumulated expertise with LPG extinguishing, is the basis of Fleximecan, which has been surrounded by the professionalism of its employees to offer our customers service and product of the highest quality.

Our journey began with the manufacturing of hydraulic conduits and, subsequently, the machining section was started, where our customers were given service for the manufacturing and assembly of their designs to, ultimately, finish checking the tightness and functioning of the assemblies. During these years we have been giving added value to the designs of our customers, identifying issues and providing solutions.

Being knowledgeable about the fire extinguishing sector, Fleximecan has been designing and manufacturing its own components since 2015, in addition to continuing to manufacture the designs and prototypes of our customers while providing maintenance and retimbing services with all of the seriousness and professionalism that characterizes us.

For all these reasons, for all the years to come, our company’s main objective, as a fire extinguishing manufacturer, is growth and a positioning strategy as an international benchmark in the fire fighting sector, facilitating the production process of our customers and designing new cutting-edge components.

Since 2019, Fleximecan has been an authorized Johnson Controls distributor, distributing SAPPHIRE products based on the 3M™ Novec™ 1230 extinguishing agent and products based on inert extinguishing agents such as argon, nitrogen and the mixture of both with carbon dioxide (all collected as Inergen® systems).

Our R&D department

Since the origins of Fleximecan in 2009, the belief in the need for a R&D department has always been imposed, which will provide solutions to the dilemmas and needs of our customers and, with all this, design the company’s own product line.

As of 2015, an economic and social effort was made by the company to create a R&D area, which has paid off in the form of different products of maximum efficiency and quality .

And with the same spirit, we continue to expand our range of products, detecting the needs of the market and innovating based on the experience and professionalism accumulated by our personnel dedicated to research and development.

Fleximecan, quality guaranteed since 2009

One of the internal lines of growth of Fleximecan has been to consolidate our services and products based on the quality management system (or QMS) that has been implemented since 2011.

Therefore, Fleximecan as a fire extinguishing manufacturer, has its SGC certified under the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which provides us with the necessary infrastructure, procedures, processes, and resources that our organization needs, controlling and improving performance, which leads to maximizing efficiency , customer service, and excellence in the products and services we manufacture and offer to our customers.

In addition, we have different certifications for some specific products, such as UNE-EN 12094 for CE marking, directive 2010/35/EU for ¶ marking and fire extinguishers, VdS, EAC and UNE 23510.

Quality Fleximecan

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